Vallmajor was recovered to give horses a dignifying life space. With them, we have organized trips and excursions for many years. These activities have allowed us to get to know these animals, and in turn discover many places in the wild nature of the Alta Garrotxa and nearby areas all the way to France.

Workshop “knowing and communicating with horses”

We currently organize a beginner level workshop about horse knowledge, led by a certified equestrian guide with ample experience.

It is a relaxing activity with a high emotional value for participants. The aim is to know horses and communicate with them by learning to be around them, understanding their needs and language, learning to respect them and feeling in harmony with this noble, powerful and barely known being.

Anyone with an interest and curiosity can participate, even those who fear horses and feel overwhelmed in the presence of this wonderful animal.

Each workshop session will accept a minimum of two people and a maximum of six.

It lasts 2 hours approximately.

Our horses live quietly in green fields around the house.

They are psychologically stable and well socialized. They will show you a different world and a different language that allows us to train other points of view, while perceiving the animal side of humans, which we all share with them.

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